16.0.3 Upgrade: Schedule Dashboard Overall Status Is Blank
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16.0.3 Upgrade: Schedule Dashboard Overall Status Is Blank


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With the upgrade to 16.0.3, the portlet Schedule Dashboard is not displaying the 'Overall Status' field correctly.

Status Report statuses are cleared out.



Release : 16.0.3



There was a change in the view cop_prj_statusrpt_latest_v in 16.0.3.



The change to the view was made to the following reports and portlets so that the 'Overall Status' matches the Modern UX.

The change removes status reports without the report status=FINAL for the ‘Overall Status’ calculation.

The following reports and portlets are impacted:

Top 50 Project Watchlist
Project Status Report List
Investment Status Report List
Program Status Detail
Project Status Detail
Project Status Summary
Project Storyboard
KPIs by Project Type
KPIs by Project Type (Dashboard)
Project KPI Trends

Program Manager Schedule Dashboard
Schedule Dashboard
Missing Status Reports
Status Report Listing
Late Status Reports
Status Report Indicators
Project Analysis

Additional Information

There is work being made to make copies in MUX in projects, custom objects, and subobjects, therefore status reports will be reviewed.

The current workaround within the UI is to publish the status report and it automatically create a copy.

It can be published many times to make a copy and then mark the desired one as the latest.