Capturing an image in Legacy boot mode and deploying to system using UEFI
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Capturing an image in Legacy boot mode and deploying to system using UEFI


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Ghost Solution Suite Deployment Solution IT Management Suite


I'm capturing an image using MBR / Legacy Boot and then deploying the image to a UEFI boot system.  I'm getting a blue screen.  Is there any way to resolve this?

Another error is 'No operating system was found".


What we need to do is create a UEFI partition so that the UEFI system can properly boot.  Then we need to deploy partition from image (using the remaining space available to create the OS partition), and then reconfigure UEFI using the OS partition and finally Reboot to production. 

Here are the details for those 4 steps / Tasks:

Task 1: Script to recreate the EUFI partition:

echo SELECT DISK 0 >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CLEAN >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CONVERT GPT >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo CREATE PARTITION EFI SIZE=100 >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo FORMAT QUICK FS=FAT32 LABEL="SYSTEM" >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo ASSIGN LETTER=S >> x:\diskpart.txt n
echo CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo FORMAT QUICK FS=NTFS LABEL="WINDOWS" >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo ASSIGN LETTER=W >> x:\diskpart.txt
echo EXIT >> x:\diskpart.txt

diskpart /s x:\diskpart.txt

Task 2: Run Ghost with options to deploy the Partition from disk image.  (Default is disk to disk image.  Using disk to disk here would undo the UEFI partition above.)

Task 3: Then set the uefi stack with: w:\windows\system32\bcdboot w:\windows /s S: /f UEFI  (assuming w is the C:\ or Windows drive)

Task 4: Reboot system to production