DLP edpa MacOS agent install error code=112
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DLP edpa MacOS agent install error code=112


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Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


When installing the endpoint agent the install fails with PKInstallErrorDomain Code=112


MacOS 11.x and above

On the system, there was a presence of a bom file in /var/db/receipts folder. This BillOfMaterials file's content contained the path listed below:

./Library/LaunchDaemons/com.symantec.manufacturer.agent.plist 100400 0/0 288 3711149712./Library/LaunchDaemons/com.symantec.manufacturer.agent.plist 100400 0/0 288 3711149712


   When the above path was passed to the pkgutil --file-info-plist  command as part of the Installer's CustomAction run, it was still able to locate the corresponding bom and the plist file in the receipts directory.

   This caused the installer to determine that the version was installed on the system. 



in the install.log:

package_script_service[21055]: ./preinstall: 2022-07-27 14:40:31 | Installer.main | FINEST | Currently installed agent version


remove any custom .bom or .plist from /private/var/db/reciepts with the following commands:

sudo pkguitl remove <name of plist>


in terminal use rm -rf command to manually delete the .bom and .plist from /var/db/reciepts 

Additional Information

NOTE: using MDM server to customize the app ID and app version is not supported and will break agent installs.