DLP Endpoint Incident returns URL about:blank
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DLP Endpoint Incident returns URL about:blank


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent Data Loss Prevention Data Loss Prevention Enforce


Endpoint HTTPS Incidents Details returns with the URL about: blank


Release : 15.8 Endpoint

Release: 15.7 Endpoint



Our extension relies on the Edge/Chrome tabs API to get tab.url which means, what is in the address bar. Unfortunately, today, we are subject to these behaviors which means if the address bar says about:blank, so will we.

We report what the browser tells us, which is about:blank. 


DLP 15.7 - Microsoft does not intend to make the change requested and is standing firm that the behavior is by design, so customer 's will have to update to DLP 15.8 or later version.
DLP 15.8 - This issue was fixed in extension version: 15.8.300.1001 and the updated extension is available on Chrome Webstore.