Stopping Datacom Server used by CA7 REST API SERVER
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Stopping Datacom Server used by CA7 REST API SERVER


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CA 7 Workload Automation Datacom/Server


This article explains how to stop Datacom Server after stopping the CA7 REST API SERVER using the Datacom Server communication utility SVCOMPR.


z/OS CA 7 Workload Automation 12.1 

         Datacom Server 15.0 


Run SVCOMPR using 

APPLID= must match Datacom Server APPLID

HOSTNAME= must match Datacom Server TCPIP_HOST . If TCPIP_HOST=LOCALHOST then use the real Host Name or IP address. LOCALHOST cannot be used .

PORT= must match Datacom Server TCPIP_PORT 


Additional Information

For more information , see Communication Utility (SVCOMPR)

CA7 Workload Automation documentation in Datacom Server for z/OS requires Datacom Server to be started with PROTOCOL=TCP so that no CCI setup is needed . 

HOSTNAME and PORT permit TCP_IP communication with the Datacom Server mainframe region as an alternative to CAICCI.