Certificate Management for Signing and Endpoint certificates - Arcot
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Certificate Management for Signing and Endpoint certificates - Arcot


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CA Payment Security


This article looks to outline and track the certificates used in the interaction(s) listed below so they can be trusted by entities looking to connect to Arcot. 
Arcot utilizes certificates that are valid for one year to ensure the highest level of security for transaction and other flow interactions. The most current certificates used by the Arcot service will be available and update as required.

The interactions will include the following:

  • Inbound TLS from entity to Arcot at <silo>api.arcot.com (trusted for AfDB endpoints, callback service(OOB), and also used for request signing)
  • Inbound TLS from entity to Arcot at <silo>.arcot.com (trusted for Data upload services)
  • Inbound TLS from entity to Arcot at secure5a.arcot.com (trusted for Asynchronous Transaction Data Feed (ATDF) and Risk Analysis Case Management API) 


Arcot’s recommendation is to trust the Root and Intermediate certificates only. If you are required to also trust the Leaf certificate, please ensure that all three certificates are loaded into your Trust Store. To avoid impact to service, the existing certificates must not be removed until  they have expired.


1694599481814__secure4_arcot_com_506591337.zip get_app
1687514060684__www.mycardsecure.com.zip get_app
1687325169862__tsys_arcot_com_454629911.zip get_app
1684243320964__secure5a_arcot_com_430681833_2023.zip get_app
1684217064253__secure2_arcot_com_425248516.zip get_app
1684217046737__secure5_arcot_com_425256546.zip get_app
1684217020516__secure7_arcot_com_425242542.zip get_app
1663108862587__secure5a_arcot_com.zip get_app
1663108698131__secure2api_arcot_com_216700463.zip get_app
1663108686957__secure7api_arcot_com_216700246.zip get_app
1663108668323__tsysapi_arcot_com_216701034.zip get_app
1663108654528__mycardsecureapi_arcot_com_239678736.zip get_app
1663108597919__secure5api_arcot_com_215076237.zip get_app
1663108577929__secure4api_arcot_com_216700722.zip get_app