Using Users targets instead of Computers
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Using Users targets instead of Computers


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IT Management Suite


In some instances, targeting Users instead of Computers is needed. 

For example, target Users groups instead of Computers for a job or policy so when that User whatever computer that showed where they last logged in will be pushed to.
This will just be use on specific group where each User only logs in to the same computer.


ITMS 8.6


Currently we support the use of User-based targets. Some of the scenarios where this type of targets may work or some that doesn't are:
  • "MD policies" when target contains only "Users" not "Computers". The policy arrives only to these computers which "Primary Users" are in resource target.
As example

We can't use currently logged in users on computers as "Resource Target", so only "Primary Users" will be involved for 'resource target' at least for Manged Delivery policies in SMP Console.

  • "Quick Delivery" task doesn't work for targeted "Users" resources
  • "Workspaces" for Time-Critical Management console. In that case, if there is a "Resource Target" based on "All Users" filter, then it is not possible to deploy software or run task for such target because by design it works only with "Computer" resources...