Unable to connect to the SQL Server Profile from DataMaker: SQLSTATE = 08001
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Unable to connect to the SQL Server Profile from DataMaker: SQLSTATE = 08001


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When we try to connect to a SQL Server 2019 profile in Data Maker, using the DSN-less ODBC connection profile created from the TDM Portal, it is giving the below error.


We are able to successfully connect to the same profile and run our generators from TDM portal. We are also able to configure and connect using an ODBC connection profile.

However, we prefer using a single profile, which Datamaker and TDM Portal can both use.




Release : 4.10

Component : Datamaker


The reason you are seeing the error when attempting to connect using the DSN-less ODBC connection is that your new SQL Server 2019 server has been configured to run SSL using a self-signed certificate, which causes the DSN-less ODBC connection to fail due to an invalid certificate error.


As a workaround, you will need to configure a new ODBC Connection profile for each of your Source and Target data sources in Datamaker. Be sure that each has a unique name and not a name that a previous connection profile was using. You will need to use the ODBC connection anytime you need to work from Datamaker, until you can get a properly signed certificate from your Certificate Authority.

Also, as you already noted, the new ODBC connection profiles will not be visible in TDM Portal, since Portal uses JDBC connections.