How can the Governance admin validate that notifications are being sent to approvers
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How can the Governance admin validate that notifications are being sent to approvers


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CA Identity Suite


We have been running campaigns for several quarters now and we regularly get responses from attesting resources that they never were notified.

We have been resorting to manually sending notification emails, but would like to see if we can validate that the automated notifications were even generated by the governance platform.

Where, if anywhere would that be logged?


Release : 14.3 and later

Component : GovernanceMinder(Role & Compliance Manager)


By default, the email notification generation is not logged to any files unless there are errors.

You can check the eurekify.log after a campaign has been run to see if there is any sign of email- or smtp-related failures. If none, you can assume the emails were generated and sent to the SMTP server.

There is some additional logging that can be enabled before you run a campaign but be mindful that it could log a lot of data. You can go to...

Administration > Support Tools > Log Settings to turn on debugging. There are some categories related to email that may be useful in verifying that emails are generated.

What may be most useful, in cases where individual users report that they didn't receive emails, is the SMTP Checkup:

SMTP Checkup
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is used for email communications.
To verify SMTP communication
  • In the 
    Identity Governance
     Portal, go to Administration, System Checkup, SMTP Checkup.
    The Checkup Options screen appears.
  • Enter a target email address.
  • Click Send.
    An email is sent to the target address from the sender specified in the 'mail.from' system property.
  • Verify that the email arrived.