Issue with JOBSTAT on tasks running under SUB=MSTR
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Issue with JOBSTAT on tasks running under SUB=MSTR


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


After applying level  16.0.03 maintenance level, the dashboard that shows us the JOBSTAT of tasks defined in MVSMON is not showing accurate results.

All tasks that are not running under JES2 are being displayed as INACTIVE, when in reality, they are active. 

Before this maintenance, they were showing as ACTIVE. 


SYSVIEW 15.0 & 16.0 & 7.0 - z/OS supported releases - 



It looks like this problem stems around new fields that were added to ACTSUM. 
If we look at the fields defined in KEYTASKS, it doesn't match what is in the FIELDS display of ACTSUM.

As for the inability to see data from the 16.0.1 level systems, that too is related to the additional fields added to ACTSUM which was issued with XSDATA. Until the other systems are up to speed on maintenance, you won't be able to see that data cross system for the ACTSUM command.

Once the KEYTASKS were fixed, since you are using XSDATA on the other parameter members and ACTSUM has different fields depending on the level those will be correct once you will rolls the 16.0.3 across all LPARS.