Deployment fails with Uproc on remote node with different Application
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Deployment fails with Uproc on remote node with different Application


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In some cases Deployments fail because not all levels of dependencies are calculated. For the same reason the creation of the Package is initially incomplete.

These are the 2 situations:
1. When deploying Task/Session/Uprocs that have a conditioning Uproc on remote node and with different Application, the deployment of the conditioning Uproc on the local node fails because its Application is not expanded locally.
2. When creating the Package containing the Task/Session/Uproc of the conditioned Uproc, UVC initially does not propose to include the Application of the conditioning Uproc. It can be added to the Package only after specifically Expanding the conditioning Uproc. 


Task A with Uproc A with Application A on node A
Task B with Uproc B with Application B on node B
Uproc A is conditioned to run when B has finished

Note that Tasks A and B need to be Template Task with the an existing MU in the 'Template name' field, so the target node is known.

During deployment of a Package with Task A, Uproc B also has to be deployed on node A for the condition to work. UVMS calculates this correctly, however the Deployment of Uproc B on node A fails if its Application doesn't exist, even if it is present in the Package.

Command: C:\AUTOMIC\univiewer_server\muntest001352_MgtServer\app\bin>unidpl PKG -company UNIMVE -pkg "PKG-S220707_0114-20220713_1030" -pkgtype OBJECTS -verbose -node muntest001352 -area X -login admin -pwd admin -instantiate -tplname

This command corresponds to deployment in UVC with option MU but without ticking any MU, the 2 option on the bottom are ticked.


Release : 6.10



The issue will be addressed in a Product Enhancement that is at this moment planned for 7.0.21. Note that though that delivery in v7.0.21 cannot be guaranteed