How to use Monitor Solution to send alerts via email
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How to use Monitor Solution to send alerts via email


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IT Management Suite Server Management Suite


How to setup a Monitor alert to send an email


In the Console, go to Monitor Policies: Home > Monitoring and Alerting > Monitor > Policies > Monitor Policies

We will use the Windows Server Health policy for this example.

Click the Action Tab.  Then select the Severity that you want to create an Action for, i.e. Critical

Click the blue + icon under Critical, and choose the Send Email task under Monitor and Alerting as shown here:

Click OK, and then click Edit Task at the Task Configuration Window.  Add the Email Address to send this email to.  Leave everything else the same, and Save Changes.  Exit out of this window, and click OK at the Task Configuration window.

That results in what we see below:

When a Critical Monitor event is triggered, the Send Email task will execute and an email will be sent to the Administrator.

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