How can I find out if a service is present on my endpoints?
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How can I find out if a service is present on my endpoints?


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Inventory Solution IT Management Suite Client Management Suite


You may wish to know if a service exists on your endpoints.  How can you tell if this exists? 


Release : 8.6



This information is contained in the Inv_AeX_AC_NT_Services table.  You can see the services present by viewing a single computer's resource manager.  Located under the View > Inventory > Basic Inventory section.

A simple SQL query might look something like the following:

select vc.Name as [Computer Name], ser.Name as [Service Name]
from Inv_AeX_AC_NT_Services ser
join vComputer vc on vc.Guid = ser._ResourceGuid
where ser.Name = 'sens'

In the above example replace sens with the name of the service you're looking for.

You can also import the attached report.  You can specify a computer name and a service, or leave computer as % to find all computers with the specified service.



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