Finding the serial number on hardware
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Finding the serial number on hardware


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Security Analytics Security Analytics - VA


Serial numbers for the Security Analytics system hardware can be useful when opening a case, checking on contracts, or identifying inventory.  The commands are different for each piece of hardware and there are a dozen different types depending on the generation and if it is a server or attached storage.


This will be broken up by possible hardware, with the servers first followed by the attached storage.

For the server type, it is found in /etc/DSMODEL.

Dell Servers

Possible Dell hardware models are listed in order of most recent first, R640xl, R730xd, R630, R720, R720xd.  To find the serial number run dmidecode -s chassis-serial-number.

Bluecoat Servers

The DSMODEL value will be S500. To find the serial number run /opt/bluecoat/clp/bin/serial_number

External Storage

For attached direct storage, you will may now know what type of hardware is attached.  The command to run is megacli -encinfo -aall | grep "Vendor".  The serial number for all JBOD enclosures will be the value in the "Vendor Specific" line.  If the Vendor Identification line is blank, then you do not have a JBOD enclosure.  Use the methods below for storage arrays.

For storage arrays, the serial number could be any of three, Dell MD3860f, Netapp E5660, or Dell ME4. This will take a couple of extra commands to determine the serial number.  The most recent hardware will be shown first.

Dell ME4/VA

If you have the Dell ME4/VA hardware run -s all.  If you have this type of storage array, the current status of the hardware will be returned.  Otherwise, you will see "Error failed to connect to storage.  Exiting".  To get the serial number, you will need to get the store log files with -s.  Wait about five minutes for the file to be produced.  Unzip the file and run  grep -A2 SKU store_2022_09_08__08_05_07.logs.  The Part Number is the serial number or "Asset Tag:, You will see something like:
Part Number: 4WG8244

Netapp E5660

If you have a Netapp storage array, run SMcli -d.  This will provide the name of the storage array.  Then run SMcli -n array_name -c 'show storagearray profile;' | grep Chassis.  Replace the array_name with with the name from SMcli -d. You may need to restart the SM monitor service with systemctl restart smmonitor. The Chassis Serial Number is the serial number of the storage array.

Dell MD3860f

Use MDSM and highlight the hostname of the storage array to find the serial number.