Dictionary updates when upgrading IDMS from r18.0 to r19.0
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Dictionary updates when upgrading IDMS from r18.0 to r19.0


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What are the steps to upgrade IDMS dictionaries such as SYSTEM, SYSDIRL and APPLDICT from r18.0 to r19.0?

This is for IDMS CVs with the r19.0 software installed.


Release: 19.0.


To do the upgrade, use the r19.0 CAISAG.CONFIG dataset. Update the VARBLIST member with all the IDMS products being upgraded from r18.0 to r19.0. These products are listed from line 59 to 109.

Be sure to set GJUPGRAD = YES.

FROM#REL = 18.0        From which release are you upgrading?            
*                      (12.0, 14.0, 14.1, 15.0, 16.0, 17.0, 18.0 or 18.5)

HAD#ADS  = YES/NO        In that release, was CA ADS installed? (YES/NO)

Set BEGINMEM = UPG so that the upgrade jobs will have a prefix of UPG and can be distinguishable from whatever other install/upgrade members that have already done..

The DBPFX prefix is the HLQ for the r18.0 DB HLQ that will be upgraded to r19.0. 

DBPFX    = IDMSR190.TEST   This prefix is used as the default for all   
*                          dictionaries (both SYSTEM and application) as
*                          well as all database files and the DBA loadlib

These are the main parms to update so please review the others that are not mentioned in this overview. 

These instructions  won't reinstall IDMS r19.0. These instructions are just to configure a set of IDMS database datasets / dba.loadlib at the r18.0 level to the r19.0 so they can share an existing r19.0 CAGJLOAD that may already be in use with other r19.0 CVs.