View - SARSTC not Collecting Sysouts from JES Spool
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View - SARSTC not Collecting Sysouts from JES Spool


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We receive $HASP186 messages regarding the View SARSTC task and its being able to collect sysouts from the JES spool:

0001 00000042 M C000000 MVSI 22217 19:06:02.67 TSU02826 00000294 $HASP186 ABCD OUTGRP=82.1.1 NOT SELECTED BY STC99999/SARI01.SARI01.
0001 00000042 M C000000 MVSI 22217 19:06:02.68 TSU02826 00000294 $HASP186 ABCD OUTGRP=84.1.1 NOT SELECTED BY STC99999/SARI01.SARI01.

These message are indicating that a SAPI application (SARI01) is attempting to access output for which it does not have appropriate access authority.


A conclusion drawn is that the SAPI application should have privilege for the output they are trying to access but they do not. If this is the case, the security policy should be changed as to allow access.




Release : 14.0

Component : View


The cause of the error is because the View SARSTC task did not have the needed permissions to be able collect and delete sysouts from the JES spool. 

SARSTC, in the security package, needs to have ALTER access and authorization for the JES spool.

It is suggested that SARSTC be considered as a Trusted program.