what is required to interface to SQL Server database and agent
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what is required to interface to SQL Server database and agent


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


How to make Dollar Universe interact with SQL Server and Agent? 



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Configuring a Connection to the Database

This window allows the user to enter information about the configuration of connections to the SQL Server database.

  • Configuration name: The first configuration entered when the Manager is activated is called “default”. For the following configurations, the user can choose the name.
  • SQL Server host: Name of the host machine of the SQL Server database. Mandatory.
  • SQL Server instance: Required if multiple SQL Server instances reside on the same machine, or if the instance name is not the default one.
  • Login/Password: Provide a valid SQL Server account and password.
    To connect to the SQL Server instance, the Manager uses an SQL existing account (user and password). The SQL login must be associated with the public and sysadmin roles. The sysadmin role is required to be able to manage SQL jobs.

The Manager system account does not have an impact on the connection.

Advanced parameters: This property replaces the previous node setting MSQ_CONNECTION_ADVANCED_PARAMETERS. It can therefore be specific to the connection. Enter the connection String Properties e.g. "Failover Partner". Valid properties vary with the version of Microsoft SQL Server.
Refer to section "Working with AlwaysOn Availability Groups (SQL Server 2012)".

Once the required data has been entered, click on the button "Validate SQL Server Connection" to verify that the connection parameters are correct and that the targeted instance can be reached.

If the message: “The database connection verification was not successful…” is displayed, there may be a problem with the credentials provided above. Alternatively, the instance may not be reachable for other reasons in which case contact the SQL Server administrator.

Click on Save or Save and close to update all the connection parameters.
The configurations are saved in the file data/data_java/mssql_connection.xml.


Validate SQL Server Connection

The Validate SQL Server Connection button allows the user to test the communication with the SQL Server database (instance and rights).

  • If the configuration is correct, the connection can be used to submit a SQL Server job. In this case, the message “Connection to database is successful” is displayed. 
  • If the configuration is incorrect, a message specifies the cause of the error. The configuration can still be saved and used in an Uproc, but the submission of a SQL Server job cannot run or complete successfully.