About Symantec AntiSpam and AV functionality.
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About Symantec AntiSpam and AV functionality.


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Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange


How Mail Security of Microsoft Exchange(SMSMSE) SPA(Antispam) works with the SPAM Emails.


SMSMSE : 7.9/7.10


Mail Security of Microsoft Exchange(SMSME) has 2 Engine.

1. AV (Virus)

2. SPA (Antispam)

A. SMSMSE-AV agent scan internal as well as SMTP traffic. However, SMSMSE-SPA scan only SMTP traffic. It doesn't scan internal traffic.

B. SPA only Accept/Rejects the SMTP emails.

C. Once SMSMSE(SPA) receive any SPAM messages it mark it as SPAM and based on SMSMSE policy it rejects. For Reject it calls Exchange Api to delete the same.

D. The actual deletion is performed by Exchange API.

E. SMSMSE doesn't make a copy of the email or route the emails.