MUF startup abends with a S0C4 in DBMSBPR +217C
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MUF startup abends with a S0C4 in DBMSBPR +217C


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Upgrading Datacom from 14.0 to 15.1, the MUF startup abends with a S0C4 in DBMSBPR +217C

CCSR010E DBMUFPR S0C4 at 1547717C LMOD DBMSBPR CSECT DBMSBPR +00217C ENF N/A CAENF                                                             

CCSR021I OWNER = CA Datacom/DB R15.1                                   
CCSR022I MODULE = DBMSBPR FMID = CABDF10 RMID = SO08294               
CCSR060I BREAKING EVENT ADDRESS: 00000000 15477170                    
CCSR061I PSW: 07852000 80000000 00000000 1547717C                     
CCSR062I ILC: 04 INTERRUPT CODE: 04                                   
CCSR067I COMPLETION CODE S0C4 REASON CODE 00000004                    
CCSR064I DATA AT PSW 15477176 : 30209001 E000D203 D104E000        


Release : 15.1

Component : Datacom/AD


The MUF failure occurs because it's  picking up mixed release modules. 

Ensure that the 15.1 load library (CABDLOAD or CAAXLOAD) is in the STEPLIB and that it contains only the 15.1 release  modules.

Note that if running multiple releases of Datacom at the same time it's not possible to put the Datacom load library in the linklist as module names are the same between releases. The release specific load library (CABDLOAD or CAAXLOAD) must be in the STEPLIB.

In this case there was an error when copying the modules from the SMP/E target library to the MUF runtime library and not all 15.1 modules were copied.


Additional Information

See article 22678 - Linklist is not recommended for Datacom Libraries