Southbound Communication to Spectrum not working
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Southbound Communication to Spectrum not working


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) CA Spectrum


Southbound communication to Spectrum is not working and it appears that UCFBroker cannot establish a connection to the Spectrum connectors.

IFW connector log shows the below error message

ERROR  [<Connector-instance>] framework.UCFUtil - com/ca/ucf/remote/activemq/jndi/UCFActiveMQInitialContextFactory.


Release : 4.2, CUM 4

Component : Service Operations Insight (SOI) Manager


This is a known defect. 

Resolution created  for CUM4 resolves issue.

Please find the attached Fix file and follow below steps to apply the fix on top of CU4.

  1. Stop the IFW services where spectrum connector is installed
  2. Take a backup of the below jar from IFW machine


     3. Replace the above jar from attached jar

     4. Start the IFW services for spectrum connector

Once Connector is online the verify the .ubr file at below location on manager.


Once .ubr file created in above folder then please verify southbound synchronization.

Additional Information

The needed .jar file is attached to the bottom of this techdoc.


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