Problem reinstalling xFlow on Linux
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Problem reinstalling xFlow on Linux


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CA Service Desk Manager


After uninstalling XFlow it would not reinstall. XFlow and Search Server were uninstalled according to instructions here:, then the installation wizard was executed again to reinstall them.

Installation ends in the "Installing xflow Interface" step with this popup message:
   Install/Upgrade failed
   Please refer to log file at /tmp/casm/install.log and retry.

The installation log file shows:

   2022/07/20 ERROR [DeployThread: Installing xFlow Interface ] [InstallXFlow] LINUX CMD = /tmp/sdm/products/xFlow/xFlowAnalyst/xFlow.bin -i silent -f /tmp/
   2022/07/20 DEBUG [DeployThread: Installing xFlow Interface ] [InstallXFlow] L1AnalystCoreCommand: /tmp/sdm/products/xFlow/xFlowAnalyst/xFlow.bin -i silent -f /tmp/
   2022/07/20 INFO  [DeployThread: Installing xFlow Interface ] [ActiveProcessHolder] In Process Monitor. Monitoring : java.lang.ProcessImpl
   2022/07/20 INFO  [DeployThread: Installing xFlow Interface ] [ActiveProcessHolder] Start Monitor. Process ID (PID): 9151
   2022/07/20 INFO  [DeployThread: Installing xFlow Interface ] [ActiveProcessHolder] Exit Monitor. Process ID (PID): 9151
   2022/07/20 DEBUG [DeployThread: Installing xFlow Interface ] [CommonProcessUtilities] Command terminated with exit code: 64
   2022/07/20 DEBUG [DeployThread: Installing xFlow Interface ] [InstallXFlow] Service Catalog Install Exit Code: 64
   2022/07/20 DEBUG [DeployThread: Installing xFlow Interface ] [InstallXFlow] L1 Analyst Interface Install/Upgrade failed. Firing Task Error.


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Install/Upgrade/Configuration

Operating System : Linux


On the Linux server, searched for a file named ".com.zerog.registry.xml"

2 copies of this file were found in folders "/var" and "/opt/CA/ServiceDeskManager/SDUninstall"

The copy of this file found in folder "/var" was moved to the "/tmp" folder.

After this the installation wizard was started again. This time it succeeded.