Issue with WebUI(WCC) timing out when using a load balancer
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Issue with WebUI(WCC) timing out when using a load balancer


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CA Workload Automation AE


We've had a number of user complaining of an issue where the WebUI (WCC) timeouts out after a few minutes, requiring the users to have to log back into the UI.  Previous to this a user could stay logged in for hours.

We need assistance tracking down what is causing this issue.

Product Name:        AutoSys Web UI
Copyright:           Copyright (c) 2020 Broadcom All rights reserved.
Release:             12.0
Service Pack:        01
Maintenance Level:   00
Build Number:        1142
Volume Label:        ae-webui-12.0.01-11-29
Platform:            Linux
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Release : 12.0



Say you have 2 WCC nodes with LB Session Persistence set to 180s on :8443 port.  After 180s, you have 50% chance of your session getting bounced from your current node to the other wcc node, there by your session gets invalidated on the 2nd node and you'll get the login prompt.

If you have 3 WCC nodes,  you'd have 2/3rd chance of your session getting kicked out from the node to which your browser's WCC session is tied to and end up on the other 2 nodes, so 2/3rds chance to get the login page.

Though your LB admins may not like it as much, we could have them set the session persistence to say 1 work shift ( say 9 or 10 hours)   giving your users that much amount of time to not get kicked out and stay on the same WCC node to which they originally connected to when they started their day.