SNMPv3 Devices failing discovery via API for Spectrum
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SNMPv3 Devices failing discovery via API for Spectrum


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DX NetOps


We are unable to successfully discover a device as SNMPv3 via API.


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick


We tried to get the query running through Postman and it would not work.  We kept getting SNMP errors which indicated to me that we had connectivity but something was off.  We found in a sniffer (tcpdump) that we were getting a wrong digest packet in the sniffer trace.

We took the v3 credentials from another device in Spectrum and ran it through

We took that value and updated the query in POSTMAN and it was successful.

Given the wrong digest response, we took a look at the seed file for the scrip.  It was noticed that the only difference in the strings was AES128 was specified.  We removed the 128 so the value was only AES and  ran the script --- the modeling then worked.