Missing Plugins ECC-AE-SHEET-RA after upgrading to v21
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Missing Plugins ECC-AE-SHEET-RA after upgrading to v21


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After upgrading an AE 12.x to 21.x, we cannot longer edit some RA related JOBS (ie. RA Webservice Rest and SOAP).

We can see the error about missing plugins when we click in the "About" menu on AWI:

Example of messages:

Not Installed Plug-ins:
ECC-AE-SHEET-RA-WEBSERVICE-REST (Rapid Automation Web Service REST Sheet Plugin 4.5.x)
ECC-AE-SHEET-RA-WEBSERVICE-SOAP(Rapid Automation Web Service SOAP Sheet Plugin 4.5.x)


Release : 21.0.x

Component : RA Agents Solutions


Some RA Agent AWI Panels (ecc-ae-sheet) had to be updated for version 21 for the AWI, this is documented in the compatibility matrix:

  • RA.Web.Service.REST » RA Web Service REST Solution(since version RA.Web.Service.REST 4.6 )
  • RA.Web.Service.SOAP » RA Web Service SOAP Solution(since version RA.Web.Service.SOAP 4.6 )

This means that it is necessary to import a compatible version of the RA Agents either before of after the upgrade to v21 as older versions 4.5.x or inferior (for Webservice Agents)  are not compatible with AWI v21.



Import a compatible updated RA Solution version before or after upgrading to v21.

Then, logout/logon again to load the associated plugin correctly.

Please take into account is that as soon as the RA Agents are stopped/started again they will also have the newer version of the Agents instead of the current one, so we would suggest that the upgrade of these outdated RA Agents is performed before the upgrade to v21


Another prossible workaround is to stop and restart the webserver(ex. Tomcat)

Additional Information

Useful links:

Ra REST 4.6.3 is available here

RA SOAP 4.6.2 is available here

In order to perform the upload of the RA Agents in command line (instead of graphical way), an example would be:

/PATH_TO_THE_JDK/java -jar ucybdbld.jar -B -C0000 -X/opt/automic/software_release2103/RA.Web.Service.SOAP_RA.Web.Service.SOAP.Solution_4_6_2+build.1653048557099/WebService_SOAP_solution.jar