Users not able to connect SQL Database during startup
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Users not able to connect SQL Database during startup


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Service Virtualization



We are connecting to the Database Server: <Server_name> , Port 4336
Database Name:<DB_NAME>
From our Devtest test solution (CVS or Devtest Service or test)
i.e., When we deploy a service or run test in VSE or When we run a service or executing a test case. we encounter the below issue:

STMTID_Creation : java.sql.SQLException: Connections could not be acquired from the underlying database!



Release : 10.6.1

Component : Database: SQL server with windows authentication


This issue happens when database is configured with windows authentication.

Devtest services are started with a user account that is not configured in database. Because of that, user is not accessible from Devest.

Work with database team and create a user in database.