CA/1 Errors with LU05200 - CALR819E error from EARL report TMEDSN01 and U3000 abends.
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CA/1 Errors with LU05200 - CALR819E error from EARL report TMEDSN01 and U3000 abends.


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CA 1 Flexible Storage Earl


Added maintenance last night.  EARL print DSN master listing report TMEDSN01 is now failing with CALR819E error, U3000. 
Maintenance included PTF LU05200.


New info added for R15.0 FLEX release:

Sample Symptom Dump output showing the U3000 abend:


IEA995I SYMPTOM DUMP OUTPUT  616                                      
  USER COMPLETION CODE=3000                                           
 TIME=07.09.12  SEQ=01027  CPU=0000  ASID=0181                        
 PSW AT TIME OF ERROR  078D1000   00008CE8  ILC 2  INTC 0D            
   ACTIVE MODULE           ADDRESS=00000000_00007540  OFFSET=000017A8 
   DATA AT PSW  00008CE2 - 00181610  0A0D58D0  C24C5880               
   GR 0: 80000000   1: 80000BB8                                       
      2: 00000003   3: 000091D4                                       
      4: 0000EF78   5: 00000003                                       
      6: 00000003   7: 0000F7A0                                       
      8: 00019B70   9: 00019B70                                       
      A: 00008C50   B: 00018C78                                       
      C: 00009010   D: 00008D48                                       
      E: 40008C9A   F: 00000000                                       
 END OF SYMPTOM DUMP                                                  





CA 1 Tape Management R14.0

CA 1 Tape Management R15.0



PTF LU05200 - Introduced significant enhancement but also introduced a few errors.
The PTF has now been marked as PE. There are a number of corrective PTF's.

A new field MAXRETPD was added.  Under some conditions, bad data is left within this field.

This causes U3000 abend in EARL processing on TMS housekeeping jobs.
It can also cause S0C7 in DB2 tape processing after the PTF is installed.

R15.0 (FLEX):

PTF LU05200 and most of the associated PE/PRP and other PTFs have been integrated into the base code of 15.0.  See the Resolution section below for more specifics concerning related PTF maintenance for 15.0.


Firstly consider if the TMC is shared across LPAR's and if all maintenance has been applied across all LPARs.

Resolution is a 3 step process.

  1. Ensure all correcting PTF's are installed - refer to information below
  2. Run TMSCKDTM and forward the complete output to Support so we can create the corrective input for TMSUDSNB
  3. Run TMSUDSNB with the file that was provided by support


If LU05200 is installed for 14.0, the customer needs to ensure that the following PTFs are installed: 


Need to ensure that TMSCKDTM runs cleanly.  If not, raise a new case and forward the complete output for review.

Once the customer has received the corrective file, the customer needs to run the TMSUDSNB utility pointing the SYSIN DD to the file that was received from Support.
This will cleanup the MAXRETPD fields reported in error.

 NOTE:  For CA1 15.0 (FLEX), all of the above 14.0 maintenance that is listed (except for 2 PTFs), has already been integrated into the BASE code of 15.0.  Only the following 2 PTFs were NOT integrated into CA1 15.0, and therefore should be installed by the customer: 

LU08200 - Published 2022/11/15

LU08486 - Published 2022/12/13

Additional Information

Need to ensure the SHUTDWN PASSWORD is set correctly for the TMSUDSNB utility.
There is no impact on running the corrective TMSUDSNB job on batch processing.

You should also BACKUP the TMC and Audit (TMSCOPY) after completion.