How to change the JBOSS PORT for Identity Manager
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How to change the JBOSS PORT for Identity Manager


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CA Identity Suite


We installed Identity Manager against Jboss and chose the defaults for the Ports, 8080 and 8443.  Can the port be changed?


Release : 14.4



1. Edit the standalone xml file located in \{jboss}\standalone\configuration\ either the standalone-full.xml (for single node deployments) or standalone-full-ha.xml (for clustered implementations)
>For the nonsecure port modify:
         <socket-binding name="http" port="${jboss.http.port:8080}"/>       

>For the Secure Port:
         <socket-binding name="https" port="${jboss.https.port:8443}"/>

and update it to state the desired new port, for example:
<socket-binding name="http" port="${jboss.http.port:80}"/>

Once restarted, JBoss will be listening on the new Ports

2. Log into the Management Console, navigate to >Home › Environments › identityEnv >
Update the Base URL and restart the Environment:


Log into Provisioning Manager, navigate to System > Identity Manager Setup 
Check the ETACALLBACKURL, which should now have both the old and the new ports configured:

You can delete the entry with the old port at this point.

Additional considerations where you may have referenced the Port that will need to be reviewed and updated:
a. Email templates. -  Located in the \iam_im.ear\custom\emailTemplates\ folder.  See documentation for general information on Email Templates 
b. PXPolicies - Located within the IM User Interface under Policies, Policy Xpress.  See documentation for general information on Policy Xpress
c. External Applications making TEWS SOAP calls.
d. Custom Code