How to set up dirscan probe to run every 2 hours
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How to set up dirscan probe to run every 2 hours


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I also want to know that if i have configured the dirscan probe to run every 2 hours and look for a file older than 2 hours and if that file remain in same directory for 9 hours, in this case how many times we must get the alert, keep in mind that i have uncheck the recursive option.


Release : 20.3.x or later

Component : UIM - DIRSCAN


We use _stat/stat call to optain the necessary information like whether dir exist or not and if it exists what’s its age.

For getting list /finding a sub file we uses readdir And   _findfirst/ _findnext like calls on unix and windows like platforms.

For RESPONSE_TIME we use following calculations
Start time = current time (T1)
Read N bytes from file
End time = current time (T2)
RT = End time - Start time
QOS_DIR_RESPONSE_TIME = (RT)/1000               UNIT à sec
QOS_DIR_RESPONSE_TIME = (N*1000)/RT           UNIT à bytes per sec