OPMS upgrade error "Unsupported installer or API not accessible"
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OPMS upgrade error "Unsupported installer or API not accessible"


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


We need to upgrade our internal station but during the start of upgrade we get the below error:

"Unsupported installer or API not accessible.

The installer you are using is outdated or the version of the installer
cannot be detected. Please download the latest installr and check 
the ASM API is accessible"


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After every major release (most recent August 29, 2022), the version gets bumped in both installer and the API and they have to match. That means that if you're running an installer file downloaded prior to Mon 29th, it won't work.

Check that the version included in the opms installer file name matches the version shown at https://api.asm.saas.broadcom.com/1.6/ page



Download and make sure to use the latest opms version available from ASM Portal

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