Updating multiple "comments" field at once
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Updating multiple "comments" field at once


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CA Workload Automation DE CA Workload Automation DE - Scheduler (dSeries)


I need to insert some job documentation in the 'comment' field of the job applications but doing inside the cawa gui , download and uploading the applications (and editing) is a slow and massive job. I dont want to export all the job/job applications xml definition and edit the 'comment' field , and re-upload it due its a massive file. There is any way to export , or update the 'comment' field of all the application faster or easily ???


Release : 12.x

Component : Workload Automation DE (dSeries)


You can update the 'Comments' field and other attributes of multiple applications at once using the 'Application Updates' feature in Desktop Client > Define perspective. Right-click the server connection, and select Applications Update.


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