SEP Mobile Management Console is not available
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SEP Mobile Management Console is not available


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Endpoint Protection Mobile


The SEP Mobile Management Console (MC) is not accessible.  


There are two main causes discussed in this article: 

- Logon issues preventing access to the MC
- A SaaS availability issue limiting or blocking use of the console in one or more regions


First determine the specifics of the MC access issue being encountered.  Is access being blocked when trying to login to the MC, or is authentication successful and the console is then slow or non-functional? 

For logon issues, please attempt the password reset procedure described in the following article:

If authentication appears to be working but the MC is not working properly after logging in, please work through the following steps to isolate and then if necessary report the issue: 

1.) Please use an incognito / in-private browser tab / session for this process to rule out the influence of cached data. 
2.) If your organization has MCs on more than one SEP Mobile datacenter, please determine whether issues are encountered on only one or on multiple data centers:

SEP Mobile MC - US legacy datacenter:

SEP Mobile MC - US MC 1:

SEP Mobile MC - EU MC 1: 

3.) Run the health check for any datacenters which show degraded performance and note the result code returned:

SEP Mobile MC - US legacy datacenter healthcheck:

SEP Mobile MC - US MC 1 healthcheck:

SEP Mobile MC - EU MC 1 healthcheck:

4.) Check the Broadcom software status page for SEP Mobile to see if any outages have already been reported here:

If an issue has already been reported, then the remaining steps are not necessary; please subscribe to the status page for further updates on the reported incident.  If there appears to be an outage but no incident has been posted to the status board, then completion of the following steps will help ensure timely resolution of the issue.  

5.) If possible, ask different SEP Mobile admins in various geographic areas to test and report their experience.  Commonality of symptoms encountered helps to confirm a potential widespread issue / outage.  

6.) Collect a .har file while reproducing console usage issues:

7.) Log a support case: