16.0.3 Install Fails With Error (ppmjasperadmin_required_rights.txt file)
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16.0.3 Install Fails With Error (ppmjasperadmin_required_rights.txt file)


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Review the precheck-results.html.

ERROR ppmjasperadmin user does not have the sufficient administrator global access rights for the upgrade to be performed.
Please login to the CA PPM and grant the required global access rights to the ppmjasperadmin user, before proceeding upgrade.
Refer to the INSTALL\checkinstall\check-logs/ppmjasperadmin_required_rights.txt file for the list of minimum global access rights required.


Release : 16.0.3



1.  Review the file: ppmjasperadmin_required_rights.txt

The ppmjasperadmin user should be assigned following minimum global access rights to perform CA PPM upgrade. 
     Advanced Reporting - Ad Hoc Create
     Advanced Reporting - Administer
     Advanced Reporting - Dashboard Create
     Advanced Reporting - Data Source Create
     Advanced Reporting - Domain Create
     Advanced Reporting - Navigate
     Advanced Reporting - Report Create

2. Start the app service.

3. Navigate to the ppmjasperadmin user and ensure rights are added.

4. Stop the app service.

5. Restart the install.