downgrading msyql db version for migration purposes
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downgrading msyql db version for migration purposes


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I am in the process of updating our stage environment to make it resemble our production environment, and as you are probably aware one of those steps is going to be to take a mysql dump from netops prod and migrate that to our stage environment.  I realized today that stage is on vers 8.0.28 and prod is still on 8.0.27 because stage has already undergone the 21.2.12 version upgrade of PM.  The thought is to potentially downgrade the db to 8.0.27 migrate the data and then perform an upgrade to bring it back up to the version of the rest of the environment.  There are a few issues obviously the biggest is that the rest of the environment is already upgraded to 21.2.12 and 21.2.12 wouldn't play nicely with .27 of mysql.  Is there a quick and dirty way we can do this with minimal fallout (what is the simplest way to do this)?  any insight would be appreciated

Are mysql databases portable between different versions of NetOps Performance Management  


Release : 21.2

Component : DX NetOps Performance Management General


The issue here is not the version of mySql as much as different versions of the NetOps. The backups are not transportable across versions of NetOps Performance Management. T

he only way to do this would be to load the db on another 21.2.8 NetOps Portal system and then upgrade that to 21.2.12. Then save that database and load it in 21.2.12.