WTO ( Write to Operator) Notification enablement in MOI
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WTO ( Write to Operator) Notification enablement in MOI


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Mainframe Operational Intelligence


MOI provides the ability to send WTO messages to the operator console for selected metrics.     The steps required are described in the Resolution section below. 


Release : 2.1



Adding WTO notifications for metrics at specified severity levels: 
*    MSS product needs to have the PTF noted below to get it to the right release that will support WTO messages:  
        Common Services MSS PTF LU03522 or higher needed for WTO: 
*  Ensure that the WTO adapter displays as ENABLED in the MSS   ZMSSTART  STC 
      # Adapter Activation Status                     
      If the WTO adapter is shown as DISABLED,
           *   Stop the ZMSSTART STC -   /p  ZMSSTART
           *   The ZMSENVT member of the MSS CAW0OPTV data set has to be updated to ENABLED for the WTO adapter entry 
           *   Start the ZMSSTART STC -   /s ZMSSTART     
* To configure a list of WTO related notifications, do the following:
In the Appliance Controller (MTCAC)  main menu, click the Settings icon followed by 
Notification List
. The Notification List panel displays.
Configuration Notification List panel of the Appliance Control
To add a notification for WTO notification, make entries for the following fields. All are required.
Field Name
The metric for which you want to send a notification.                example:   CPU%
Minimum Severity Alert
The minimum severity level for a notification to be triggered for the metric.
low — Severity 3 alert
medium — Severity 2 alert
high — Severity 1 alert                                                               example:   high
Take Action
The actions to take for the wto, click the check box next to       alert:wto

Click SAVE to persist the notification rules setting that you just added.