Rally VCS sync failing without logging errors
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Rally VCS sync failing without logging errors


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally) CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


The Rally version control system (VCS) connector is failing to sync changeset information to Rally. The connector recognizes the changesets that need to sync and logging indicates no errors, but no changesets are synced.



Component : Agile Central VCS Connector


This can happen if the change IDs have been reset in the version control system.  For example, if you have been using a specific version of a VCS and then updated to a new version where the change IDs started back at 1.

When the change IDs in the new system begin to overlap change IDs already recorded in Rally, the connector assumes that the change has already been recorded and does not perform any further work.


It is necessary to delete the old changesets out of Rally to allow the new changesets to be created.