Agent Inventory Discrepancy
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Agent Inventory Discrepancy


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CA Workload Automation AE


We recently re-pointed an Autosys instance from one database to another.  The Agent Inventory still shows all the entries from the 'old' DB and not the 'new' DB.

ie.  we build an Autosys environment on DB2 (a temp DB merely used to install Autosys and test with).  defined some machines there to test with.

We then pointed this Autosys instance to DB1 (our permanent env.) where there were  a bunch of machines already defined.

The Agent Inventory is now still showing all the old machines from DB2 and not what is currently in DB1.



Release : 12.0



The client's tnsnames.ora file needed to be changed and it was yet the AEWS was still finding its way to the old db eventhough all the TNS_ADMIN environment variables in the $AUTOUSER/autosys.<shell>.<hostname> files were pointing to the correctly updated tnsnames.ora.

There was an extra TNS_ADMIN setting in 


set.ORACLE_HOME = /u001/app/oracle/product/
set.TNS_ADMIN = /u001/app/oracle/product/

We needed to update the above setting too as it was pointing to a different/older tnsnames.ora.

Once that was done and AEWS restarted AEWS could display the correct machines.

To get WCC to reflect the update we deleted the AEWS URL from the AutoSys server definition in WCC, saved the changed and then added it back.