results_file File Not Created With Owner of the Job
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results_file File Not Created With Owner of the Job


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CA Workload Automation AE


Why does the results_file file is not created with the owner of the job?


Release : All supported Versions

Component : CA System Agent


There are two types of plugins in the agent, java based and C++ based. The C++ based plugins require a user and password to run, all Java based plugins runs as thread in the system agent so any file created will be the same owner as the system agent process.

All Java based plugins will run as a thread in the system agent and command jobs and filewatcher jobs are external executables and the agent forces the owner because it has to do a exec as user.

So java based will be owned by root or what ever user is used to run the system agent. C++ plugins will use what ever the owner field is set to. The other exception is if a job is run as external then the owner field will be used.

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