How to check a successful CCI connection between AP and OPS/MVS
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How to check a successful CCI connection between AP and OPS/MVS


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Automation Point


When a MSF connection needs to be established between Automation Point and OPS/MVS this needs to be done via CCI.
In Automation Point configuration Manager you setup the connections via the option Expert Interface, Automation, Events Interface, CA OPS/MVS EMA.
In the CCI settings you specified a LOCAL and REMOTE statements and it worked.
However after a reboot of the AP server, recycle of AP, or an IPL of an LPAR, it's not working anymore.

How to check what could be the cause.


Automation Point 11.6 and 11.7

OPS/MVS all releases


You can enter the RMTCNTRL STATUS, or CCII command to check if there is a connection at all

C:\Users\Administrator>rmtcntrl status
SUCCESS: information returned
Sysid           State                 Last Send Time       Last Receive Time
SYS2         ACTIVE                Aug-24-2022 09:13:13 Aug-24-2022 09:13:13

Above it shows what all lpars are active and possibly inactive.
With the CCII command you see all the lpars found and the products that have CCI links active..
The TYPE at the lines is the type of line (LOCAL or REMOTE statement in the CCIRMTD.RC file.

Oid(SYS1,OPS/MVS.uuuuuu    ) Did( , )  type(L)
Oid(SYS2,W410_SPAWN_SERVER   ) Did( , )  type(R)
Oid(SYS2,MVS_START_SERVER    ) Did( , )  type(R)
Oid(SYS2,OPS/MVS.OPS0      ) Did( , )  type(R)
Oid(SYS2,XSMS0990GSVXSYS2    ) Did( , )  type(R)
Oid(SYS2,CSM60$$$140R        ) Did( , )  type(R)
Oid(SYS2,CSM60SRV            ) Did( , )  type(R)

The first line indicates the LOCAL machine and the 4th line gives the MSF connection to REMOTE lpar SYS2 and OPS/MVS SSID OPS0.