Endpoint Protection client on MAC OS displayed its version as in the Management console
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Endpoint Protection client on MAC OS displayed its version as in the Management console


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Endpoint Protection


The Symantec Endpoint Protection[SEP] client on the MAC operating system displays its version as in the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager[SEPM].

SMC debug logs shows: 
<SSAInfo NameSpace="rpc" ComputerID="DEF36D6D0A8802355C80495537465C27" AgentID="9F9ACD190A8802355C804955B928F367" HardwareKey="17083BEFDD138BDC2EDEA5F8320DB1D9"><AgentHIInfo Status="3" ReasonCode="105" ReasonDescForFailure=""/><SSAHostInfo><NetworkIdentity UserDomain="local" LogonUser="XXXXXX" HostDomain="local" HostName="XXXXXXXX" HostDesc="Darwin Kernel Version 19.6.0"/><SSAProduct Version=""/><SSAOS Type="269094656" Version="Mac OS X 10.15.7" Desc="Mac OS X 10.15.7" Kernel="Darwin Kernel Version 19.6.0" ServicePack=""/><Processor ProcessorClock="2600" ProcessorNum="1" ProcessorType="Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H"/><Memory Size="17179869184" Free="10644529152"/><BIOS Version="" SerialNumber="" Manufacturer="" UUID=""/><Motherboard Manufacturer=""/><DNSs><DNS Address="x.x.x.x"/></DNSs><DHCPServer Address="x.x.x.x"/><SSAProfile Version="14.3.8259" SerialNumber="D16C-07/15/2022 05:25:03 080"/><SSANICs><SSANIC SubnetMask="24" Ip="x.x.x.x" Mac="88-66-5A-1C-7F-10" Gateway="x.x.x.x"/></SSANICs><Disk Letter="/" Size="499963174912" Free="290896334848"/><Firewall OnOff="3" Installed="1" Status="3"/></SSAHostInfo><InstalledFeatures><Feature Id="256"/><Feature Id="528"/><Feature Id="544"/><Feature Id="512"/></InstalledFeatures><NetworkTrafficRedirectionInfo Status="3"/></SSAInfo>


SEP 14.x on MAC 


setup.ini located at /Library/Application Support/Symantec/Silo/MES/SMC, It doesn't contain all the expected values. It is missing the ProductVersion and PkgSizeWithoutDefs entries.

This is what we can see 

The expected entries should be as below,

ProductVersion= 14.3.510.0000

The setup.ini is created during the build process and is included in the installer, remote package, etc.


1. Select another Mac system that has the same version of SEP installed and shows the correct version in the SEPM console.
2. From this system, copy the file /Library/Application Support/Symantec/Silo/MES/SMC/setup.ini  
3. Replace it on the affected system at the same path
4. Restart the MAC system.