Docker Container C50 - Adding support
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Docker Container C50 - Adding support


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As seen in the firewall documentation, your AppNeta appliance can also connect to the Relay Server.  This is not enabled by default with an AppNeta Docker Container.



Note that when the Monitoring Point is connected in this way you will see "connected via relay" in the "Public IP" column of the Monitoring Points page .


Some background:

An AppNeta appliance first tries to connect to your assigned AppNeta server on port 80, then on port 8080. If it cannot (for example, when your security policy disallows certain port access) the appliance attempts to connect to AppNeta via an SSL relay server.  In this case, you can allow outbound TCP connections on port 443 to this server.  


1.  During the container installation after using curl to download the Tar file, you uncompress the file and will proceed to run the setup file.  (Step 3 & 4 in the image below).

The complete installation instructions direct you to:

2.  You need to extracting the tar file.  In this example, we'll use the container we named C50-Test-Container

tar -xf compose.C50-Test-Container.tar.gz && cd C50-Test-Container

Before running the docker-compose commands to create the container, you can take the opportunity to review the installation files.

3.  In order to add support for the MP-Relay, you will need to edit the .env file.  Navigate to the correct folder and issue ls -a to see the hidden .env file

$: ls -a  
..  .default-template.yaml  .env  .host-template.yaml  mp-compose.yaml  setup.ps1 

4.  Use an application like vi or nano to modify the .env file, and add the following line: 

5.  Save the file, and exit the application and then view the file with the cat command:

$: cat .env

6.  The required changes are complete.  You can now continue with the normal installation method, by running the setup script


 7.  Starting the Monitoring Point by running the following command:

sudo docker-compose -f mp-compose.yaml pull && sudo docker-compose -f mp-compose.yaml up -d

Additional Information

The appliance will now support using MP-Relay if unable to connect on port 80 & 8080