Need to get interface description through OpenAPI
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Need to get interface description through OpenAPI


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I'm trying to get the interface description override, put in by user,  for a device through an API call.

Currently I'm getting some other data from the device and its interfaces using a query like the one below.

http://server-IP/odata/api/interfaces?$top=50&$skip=0&top=20000&$format=text/csv&&resolution=RATE&starttime=1627797600&endtime=1659333600&bh=Sat&$expand=device,portmfs&$select=Name,SpeedIn,SpeedOut,AdminStatus,device/Name,device/PrimaryIPAddress,portmfs/im_UtilizationIn,portmfs/im_UtilizationOut,portmfs/DcmID,portmfs/DeviceItemID,portmfs/ID,portmfs/Timestamp,portmfs/im_SpeedIn,portmfs/im_SpeedOut&$filter=((substringof(tolower('device_name'), tolower(device/Name)) eq true))

What do I need to add to the query to include the interface description?




Release : 20.2

Component : Performance Management Dashboards/Reports


Since the description override was put in by a user, on the Performance Center side of things, it would be in the MySql database


Unable to get description override set in Performance Center, from Odata on DA

Would need to look in MySql on Performance Center


Additional Information

To address the original query above, use the following

http://server-IP/odata/api/interfaces?$top=50&$skip=0&top=20000&$format=text/csv&&resolution=RATE&starttime=1627797600&endtime=1659333600&bh=Sat&$expand=device,portmfs&$select=Name,Description,SpeedIn,SpeedOut,AdminStatus,device/Name,device/PrimaryIPAddress,portmfs/im_UtilizationIn,portmfs/im_UtilizationOut,portmfs/DcmID,portmfs/DeviceItemID,portmfs/ID,portmfs/Timestamp,portmfs/im_SpeedIn,portmfs/im_SpeedOut&$filter=((substringof(tolower('device_name'), tolower(device/Name)) eq true))

Basically, "select" raw field names are for the endpoint.  Then if you want to see expanded properties/metrics, you prefix the field name with where they come from:   device/property,   portmfs/metriccolumn


In this case, this was something added on the PC side of things, it would be in the MySql database on Performance Center. There are 2 tables related to interfaces in the netqosportal database; dst_interface and t_interface

dst_interface would list the relationships between the PC and DA items

t_interface would just pertain to the PC side of things

Here are 2 queries from my lab to show you the relationship and also the field "DescriptionOverride" which is null in both cases, as I didn't override the description

LocalID refers to the ID on the data source; in this case, the Data Aggregator

mysql> select ItemID,DescriptionOverride from dst_interface where LocalID=51259;
| ItemID | DescriptionOverride |
|  27477 | NULL                |

mysql> select ItemID,DescriptionOverride from t_interface where ItemID=27477;
| ItemID | DescriptionOverride |
|  27477 | NULL                |