Statement execution errors during the RiskFabric Processing job on the Calculate Risk Scores step
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Statement execution errors during the RiskFabric Processing job on the Calculate Risk Scores step


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Information Centric Analytics


The nightly job's Calculate Risk Scores job step is failing and logging the following error:

Error Msg: Could not execute statement on remote server 'RiskFabric_ASDB'.

Additionally, when attempting to create a new risk vector in the Analyzer, the following error is logged in the Log_SQL table of the RiskFabric database:

Error: Error parsing column n (FilterValueType=MDX - String) ...
** Inner Exception ** Error: Requested value 'MDX' was not found....

This issue began after installing or upgrading to 6.5.4 MP1 and later restoring a backup of the Risk Fabric Server Web folder from the original 6.5.4 installation.


Release : 6.5.4

Component : Risk Scores


One or more risk vector RiskQuery values have HTML encoded characters in place of the characters > and ' and are formatted as JSON.

Information Centric Analytics (ICA) version 6.5.4 ( queries the RiskFabric cube via OPENQUERY execution of MDX statements and is incompatible with the EXECUTE_AT execution method and setting added to version 6.5.4 MP1 ( for cube queries.


To resolve this issue, follow this procedure:

  1. With the assistance of a Microsoft SQL Server DBA, create a backup of the RiskFabric database
  2. Create a backup of the following folder on the application (IIS) server:
    %SystemDrive%\Program Files\Bay Dynamics\Risk Fabric Server Web
  3. On the IIS server, open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager and stop the RiskFabricAppPool
  4. On the IIS server, run the ICA installer and select the option Full Install
  5. When prompted, select the existing Website Name, Port, and Website URL, as well as the existing Installation Directory, Service Account, and Administrator Account
  6. When prompted, select the existing SQL Server server and Database, Analysis Services server and Database, Connection Credentials, and Default Domain
  7. If you previously installed the database utilities with MP1, do not install them again
  8. Select the option to enable verbose logging during installation and save the verbose log once the installation has completed
    1. If errors or warnings were reported, also save that version of the log
      1. Review the error(s) in the log to determine the cause(s) of failure, create a support case at, and attach the log files to the case
  9. If for any reason you're unable to select the existing website, SQL database, or SSAS database to proceed with the installation, follow the procedure in the readme file bundled with the installer for 6.5.4 MP1 HF1.