Skipping AWS Securlet Initial Scan
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Skipping AWS Securlet Initial Scan


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CASB Securlet IAAS CASB Security Advanced CASB Security Premium CASB Security Standard


The AWS Securlet will incur additional costs to the customer after they activate it. Therefore the customer wants to know:

  1. Does the CloudSOC offer a cost calculator to estimate the cost of AWS Securlets.
  2. Can they skip the AWS Securlet Initial scan to reduce the cost?


The product team provided the information mentioned in this KB in August 2022.


  1. There is no cost calculator because there are many factors to consider regarding the AWS Securlet costs. For example, there are factors such as the tier of pricing and consumption, priority routing, region, hot/cold/archival, HA/DR, high bandwidths or CSP-owned networks to reduce latency etc. So it is suggested the customer first try to activate a test account or use the following options to estimate and control the cost:
    1. Filter buckets using the selective scanning scope while onboarding the accounts
    2. Configure exceptions to exclude buckets that may not need the scrutiny
  2. Currently, we do not support skipping the AWS securlet initial scan because everything after that is event-driven.