uxupd tsk does not control until and from parameters
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uxupd tsk does not control until and from parameters


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


 The command "uxupd tsk" allows to create a WRONG launch window where the "until" parameter has a value inferior than the "from" parameter, which results in a task that will NEVER be scheduled properly by the Calculator.
Example of command to create this "faulty" scheduling (note the 2059 is the parameter until, where 2120 is the parameter from):

uxupd tsk tsk=IBU_TST nomodel mu=VMSTM2K1601 TIME MULW="((2120,2059,060),023,39)"

This is seen via UVC as follows:
Launch Window: From 21:20 until 20:59 for 23 hour(s) 39 minute(s) every 1 hour(s) 0 minute(s)

Expected behavior: same as UVC, the uxupd command should control that the parameter "until" is superior to the parameter "from" and should fail with and error similar to the one received in UVC:
The "until" time must be later than the "from" time

Actual behavior: uxupd command does not fail as it returns exit code 0 and creates a faulty task that cannot be scheduled.


Release : 6.x



Defect on the command "uxupd tsk"


Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Dollar Universe
Dollar Universe 6.10.101 - Planned Release August 31st 2022

Additional Information

Solution Details: uxupd tsk does not control start and end time parameters and this unchecked behavior could lead to the non calculation of the task launch.
Command will now check if start time is greater than end time. If not, an explicit error message will be displayed in the command output.