BATCHID changes for Endevor v19
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BATCHID changes for Endevor v19


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Under Endevor v18.1 BATCHID=0 was being used - Why was it removed from Endevor v19? 


Release:  19.0 


BATCHID is a parameter in the C1DEFLTS table, and determines which user ID Endevor considers to be the Endevor user during any Endevor processing. Up to and including Endevor Release 18.1, BATCHID had three possible values: BATCHID=0, BATCHID=1, and BATCHID=2.

Support for BATCHID=0 has been removed for the following reasons:

  • BATCHID=0 is a potential security risk.
  • The usage of a job name as an Endevor user ID is inconsistent. The user ID of the submitter is used instead of the job name.
  • Endevor documentation already discouraged the use of BATCHID=0.
  • BATCHID must not be set to 0 when you are using the Endevor Web Services component or Change Manager Enterprise Workbench (CMEW).
  • UIDLOC, a parameter that is closely related to BATCHID, cannot be set properly when a site uses user IDs of different lengths.

Following the removal of support for BATCHID=0, the meaning of BATCHID=2 would be identical to BATCHID=1, so support for BATCHID=2 has also been removed.

For more information about BATCHID, see  Defaults Table C1DEFLTS, Displaying Site Information, and List Site.