Unable to bring up TMSINIT. Receiving a U0004 error during TMSINIT processing
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Unable to bring up TMSINIT. Receiving a U0004 error during TMSINIT processing


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


TMSINIT is not coming up successfully on a DR system.  A U0004 error is generated during TMSINIT processing. 



Release : 14.0

Component : CA 1 Tape Management


Multiple problems were occurring before this case could be fully resolved (S806 abend, S8FC abend, S047 abend, etc.).  See the Resolution section below for more details. 


The U0004 problem in TMSINIT was caused by a prior CAS9 failure due to a S806 abend during CAS9 processing. Note that in the failing TMSINIT output there were no other messages being produced (such as in the TMSRPT DD).  The only error seen was the U0004 error code (not helping much to resolve this specific error). 

The S806 error in CAS9 processing generated messages such as: 

CSV028I ABEND806-04 JOBNAME=xxxxxxxx STEPNAME=yyyyyyyy

To resolve this problem, the CAS9 PROC needed to have the STEPLIB updated to point to the correct CA1 libraries.  Also, a system S047 abend was generated by CAS9 after the S806 problem was fixed, and this was resolved by APF authorizing the libraries referenced by CAS9.

After resolving the CAS9 errors, restart of TMSINIT resulted in a S8FC abend (and an associated IEFTMS27 message 'INVALID CALLER OF CA 1 SVC DETECTED').  This was found to be caused by TMSINIT referencing an old version of the TMSSVC module.  The location of this module was found to reside in a link-listed data set containing other 'old' CA1 modules.  This 'bad' module was located by using the TSO 'ISRFIND' command, specifying the module 'TMSSVC' in the search.  The immediate resolution for this problem was to move the CA1 14.0 library just ahead of the 'old' link-listed data set (containing the 'old' TMSSVC module) in the linked-list. Other possible resolutions would be to rename/remove the 'old' CA1 module(s), or remove this data set from the linked-list.