Alert on shortage of Address Space ID's
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Alert on shortage of Address Space ID's


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


We had an issue where we ran out of address space ID's and had to IPL one of our mainframe LPARS. I've been looking at the variables and don't see a specific one for this. We would like to alert on this before it becomes a problem.


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


Environmental system problem encountered


To set an alert for when the ASIDs are surpassing a given percentage, a LOWER threshold will need to be set against variable ASIFREE.

ASIFREE variable indicates the number of free ASIDs available for reuse. 

1.  Determine the amount to set the threshold to.   Enter command ASLIST, where total statistical values for the ASIDs will be shown at the top of the screen.   If you want to be alerted when the ASIDS used reaches 90% then it would be the value of .9 times the MAXUSER COUNT value.   In this example, .9 x 2048.   


2.  ASIFREE, however is a value indicating the amount free; therefore, in order to use it as a threshold variable, instead determine the lower threshold value.   In the above where we are using 90%, this means that we would want to set the threshold for when the ASIFREE drops below 10%, or 204.  

3.  Enter command THRESH and type ASIFREE over the ?Add under the Name Column.   From here set the LIMIT to the value determined in step 2, for us it was 204, and then LOWER for the RULETYPE.