JRM Request Management communication with Automation Engine 21.x
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JRM Request Management communication with Automation Engine 21.x


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Request Management (RM) cannot communicate per default with Automic Automation V21

In JRM log the following kind of error appears:

[ERROR][http-nio-9090-exec-7] [email protected] 2022-08-18 12:15:31,901 com.levatis.uc4.toolbox.uc4api.connectionPool.Uc4ConnectionPool.openUc4Connection(): java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect
Connection refused to HOSTNAME.DOMAIN/IP on port 2217
               at com.uc4.communication.Connection.<init>(Connection.java:296)
               at com.uc4.communication.Connection.loadBalancing(Connection.java:634)
               at com.uc4.communication.Connection.open(Connection.java:512)
               at com.automic.aso.jrm.ae.connection.AEConnectionWrapper.open(AEConnectionWrapper.java:177)


Component: Automic Automation 21.x and superior

Sub-Component : REQUEST MANAGEMENT 3.5.2 (JRM)


The shipped in java class library that comes with RM is no longer compatible with Automic Automation V21


The resolution consists in replacing the java class library used by RM with the uc4.jar from the JAVA API 12.3.9, please note that this versio  is only compatible with AE v21 starting on version 21.0.3 HF2

Follow therefore the following procedure.

  • Stop RM
  • Download JRM 3.5.2 from here
  • Upgrade JRM to version 3.5.2:
    Please consider that no database update is necessary if your current version is 3.5.0 or 3.5.1
    Proceed as explained in the RM documentation under 'Upgrading Request Manager'
  • Upgrade (if AE not yet on version 21.0.3HF2 or superior) AE to version 21.0.3 HF2 or superior and start at least one normal CP 
  • Download the Java API for AE 12.3.9 from here and extract the uc4.jar file from the zip (available on subfolder CallAPI\java ) .
  • Copy uc4.jar to the folder C:\<RM PATH>\webapps\jrm\WEB-INF\lib
  • Rename the existing ae-java-api-12.2.7-SNAPSHOT.jar to keep it as a backup.
  • Rename uc4.jar as ae-java-api-12.2.7-SNAPSHOT.jar
  • Restart the RM.
  • Make sure that the AE connector is configured to run against a CP port of a normal CP from the Automic Automation V21, NOT against the JCP port or a TLS Gateway!!
  • Testing of the connection should have this outcome:


Additional Information

The java API 21.0.4 java class library uc4.jar is NOT compatible, and cannot be used in RM, (the connection cannot be established with AE with it), exclusively the uc4.jar of 12.3.9 must be used.