Considerations when moving Spectrum to a new domain
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Considerations when moving Spectrum to a new domain


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Hi Team, 


Please can we have a discussion on the following:

1. Migration of Spectrum, Spectroserver and oneclick console (windows servers)

Will be moving to a new domain. IP address and Hostname will stay the same. Only the FQDN will change.


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Spectrum relies on the hostname or ip for communication and the domain name is mostly not needed.


I can confirm this does not affect Spectrum except in a networking sense.

Firewall access from devices to the SS

etc_host entries of the FQDN needs to be changed.

Ensure nslookup works from OC to SS.

If the Spectrum install owner is a domain user and will be changed, you need to run the following to reregister it on the SS.

Here are the steps below to reconfigure the processd if the Spectrum install user OS password changes