Unexpected space is displayed in a Table widget of the MUX Status Report PDF
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Unexpected space is displayed in a Table widget of the MUX Status Report PDF


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When we create a Status Report in the Modern UX (MUX / New UX) and export it to the PDF, a table widget will show unnecessary spaces. If we modify the column width in the table widget configuration, the space will be reduced in the PDF, but necessary data is not displayed in the Status Report MUX screen because there is no horizontal scroll bar on the table widget. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. In MUX, open a project > Status tab. Create a new Status Report with Tasks Table widget as per below. The table shows expected columns and their data in MUX.

  2. Click on Preview to export the Status Report to the PDF. The generated PDF shows the unnecessary space. 

  3. Open Configure of the Task table widget and change column width to reduce the space as per the following screenshot. 

  4. After the above change, the Status Report in the interface does not show some columns because there is no horizontal scroll bar.

  5. The PDF file shows that the space area is reduced, but still there.

Expected Results: The Table widget is displayed without unnecessary space on both MUX interface and PDF.
Actual Results: Some columns are not displayed in the MUX interface or/and unnecessary space is displayed in the PDF. 


Release : 16.0.3

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability




This works as designed.

Since we do not support auto sizing columns to fit available space (column widths can be manually adjusted and are persisted) in Status report PDF. If more space is available than the grid content, it will be shown as blank. The table columns width must be manually adjusted to fill the space or the table widget itself must be resized (reduced) to smaller width.